ICICI Bank near me

How can I find the nearest ICICI Bank near me? Can you help me locate ICICI ATM close by? No problem at all! Check out this map to see the closest locations of branches and ATMs in your city.

ICICI Bank near me

ICICI Bank branch & ATM near me

The official bank locator at www.icicibank.com/find-atm-branch.page is powered by Google Maps and can help you find a branch or an ATM nearby where you are.  You can search your location, and you can filter by ‘branch’, ‘ATM’, and other services.

Also, there is a very convenience branch and ATM locator with a map, that can be found at maps.icicibank.com/mobile, which lets you use your device location to find the closest banking services around you.

Find ATM or branch - ICICI Bank

Use the ATM/branch filters to select your preferred options.
Source: maps.icicibank.com

Note that you can select the services you wish to get, before applying a search.

About ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank is a well-known bank that offers banking services in the US and in India, here you can get the customer support phone number and the hours of any branch.

Walkthrough video-ICICI Bank-Hyderabad


Customer service: Contact the customer care department by calling to this number: +1 210-677-0065


Hours of operation: View the opening hours of any bank using the official ATM/branch locator.